Registration Information

Registration dates for the 2016-2017 school year coming soon!

Parent(s) will need to provide the following information:

1. Proof of residency (mortgage or lease agreement, electricity, water or gas bill).
2. Proof of Identity of Parent/Guardian (driver's license, passport, state ID, etc).
3. Student's Birth Certificate or any other legal document that establishes identity (such as a passport, driver's license, hospital birth record, adoption record, etc). A certified copy or original of the birth certificate is needed if the student is under the age of 11 and enrolling in Stafford MSD for the first time. 
4. Student's Social Security Card, requested if available. 
-Providing the social security card is voluntary.
-Refusing to provide the social security card will not prevent your child from enrolling/attending school.
-If student does not have a social security number, SMSD will assign a state-issued number.
-The social security number or state-issued number will be used for State reporting purposes.
5. Student's Immunization Records (current).
6. Last Report Card/Withdrawal Form from Previous School.
7. Registration Forms completed.

Non-Resident Students Dual Residency or Guardianship situations will require additional forms. Click HERE to access the forms.


2016-2017 5th & 6th Grade Supply List

Dress Code

Please remember that we have a standard mode of dress.      

I. Pants, slacks, skirts, and shorts must be made of cotton type material.  They must be khaki-colored or navy blue. Skirts or shorts must be below fingertips. If the pants, skirts, or shorts have belt loops, a belt should be warn. 

No denim, jean, or stretch material is allowed. No cargo pants or shorts. Pants with holes or cuts are not permitted. No black jeans are allowed on Fridays. No leggins are allowed.

II. Tight fitting pants are unacceptable. Skinny pants or jeans are not permitted. 

III. Shower shoes, house shoes, flip flops, backless shoes, or sandals are not permitted.

IV. Sweaters and sweatshirts must be solid in color-blue, red, or white. No logos, with the exception of the Spartan logo.

V. Body piercings and ear gages are prohibited, Piercing in the cartilidge part of the ear is unacceptable. No intentional pen or pencil marks on arms, hands, legs, or face. No outrageous haircuts, colors, or styles. Large hoop earrings are not allowed.

VI. All tops must be solid red, white, or blue. They should be a collared(polo-style) shirt. Any undershirt must be white OR same color of shirt. No screen-printed T-shirts can serve as an undershirt.

Please call the front office if you have any questions.