Mr. Brandon Cregler

    Brandon Cregler has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology; as well as being a Certified Texas teacher in Physical Education EC-12, and Generalist 4-8. Coach has over 5 years’ experience working with different populations in a variety of settings, including mentoring high school students, and working with special needs, low income, and at risk youth students of all ages. Coach Cregler is also a former Boy Scout and Alpha Ambassador of Dallas, TX.

Teaching Philosophy:

The term “Children are our future” is very true. But for children to lead they must encounter a positive, nurturing and stimulating educator sometime throughout their childhood. Being a teacher is one of the only professions where your thoughts and actions today impact the lives of tomorrow. That is what I am most passionate about. Not only do I want to be a positive role model and great educator. I am excited about the motivation children provide for us to become better individuals, ourselves. There are many ways to measure the success of teaching; grades, behavior management and awards. But the most important would be helping to shape a functioning individual that can contribute something wonderful to our society. I want to have an open, respectful relationship with all my students. It would be great to not only educate, but also get to know your students as real people. I would like to be perceived as someone who is approachable. If a student has a problem outside the classroom, he or she should be able to trust me. I have a primary role in making sure I hold my students accountable for their educational responsibilities, discipline and effort.