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Mr. Jesus Zepeda

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Welcome 6th graders and parents,

I am extremely excited to start this new school year!  My name is Mr. Jesus Zepeda and I will be teaching the 6th grade Bilingual Science and Math.  I will be partnering with Ms. Erin Rosemond and we will teach the bilingual classrooms.  

A little about me, I have a Bachelor's from the University of Houston-Downtown and a Master's from the University of Texas in Arlington.  I have been in education since 1998 and have had many roles in the educational system.  

I am committed to student success and I will push my students to do their very best in all that they do.  I am here for them and for the parents.  I will encourage and promote future leaders in this world.  

Mr. Jesus Zepeda, M.Ed.
Science / Math
281-261-9200 ext 3706